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WIN a New Kitchen for a New Gut Microbiome!

Win the Plant-Based Kitchen of Your Dreams

What would you find in the perfect plant-based kitchen?

A high-speed blender for smoothies and sauces?

Top-of-the-line cookware and kitchen gadgets that make home-cooking not just delicious, but fun?

A shelf full of vibrant and inspirational plant-based cookbooks?

And don't forget about all of the amazing apps, supportive plant-based communities, and valuable online resources that are now at the tips of our fingers.

After fantasizing about this dreamy plant-based kitchen ourselves, we wondered, “How can we share this with everyone else – like, actually share it?” And what better time to share this than during National Nutrition Month? This is your chance to win the ultimate plant-based kitchen of your dreams!

Enter The Ultimate Plant-Based Kitchen Sweepstakes

With one of our amazing partners Carleigh Bodrug of PlantYou, Complement is offering the chance to win the plant-based kitchen of your dreams.

How to Enter

  1. Tag special people that you'd love to share this experience with in the comments of our Instagram post (1 per comment).

  2. Go to the LINK IN OUR INSTAGRAM BIO to enter (don't miss out on the bonus entries to maximize your chances).

PS: Just by entering you'll receive surprise gifts from @complement!

Good luck!

*Open to US residents only

*Closes March 30th

A Breakdown of the Prizes You Could Win:


Everything you’ll need (and then some) to give your kitchen the ultimate plant-based upgrade!

Grand prize includes:

Plus a six-month subscription to truly personalized nutrition with Complement Insight.


10 essential plant-based cookbooks, subscriptions to both the PlantYou Meal Planner App and Plant Fueled Life, a six-month subscription to Complement Insight, and an empowering Complement bundle.

Upgrade your plant-based meals with all of the best recipes from renowned chefs and experts, including Carleigh Bodrug of PlantYou, and a three-month subscription to Plant Fueled Life by Clean Food Dirty Girl. Plus, six months of truly personalized nutrition with Insight and a variety of some of Complement’s most popular plant-based health offerings.


One-year subscription to PlantYou Meal Planner, Plantyou cookbook by NYT bestselling author Carleigh Bodrug, a three-month subscription to Plant Fueled Life, plus six months of Complement Insight for two.

A full year of endless plant-based meals with the PlantYou Meal Planner App by Carleigh Bodrug and a three-month subscription to Plant Fueled Life by Clean Food Dirty Girl. Plus, two six-month subscriptions for you and a loved one to Complement’s newest service, Insight. Get truly personalized nutrition with at-home diagnostic testing, access to a plant-based Registered Dietitian, and custom-designed nutrients sent straight to your door!


Plus, all entrants unlock access to free gifts and discounts from Complement.

More About the Hosting Partners:

Carleigh Bodrug of PlantYou has more than 5 million followers between her social channels, is a New York Times Bestselling cookbook author and self taught plant-based content creator, famous for her simple take on low waste and vegan recipes. She has been featured in the Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America, Business Insider and KTLA news for her “scrappy cooking” and viral vegan creations. Along with producing weekly cooking videos and recipes, Carleigh also runs a digital meal planning app called the PlantYou Planner, all with the goal of helping people eat more plants in an easy and approachable way.

Plant Based News is a mission-led, impact media platform focused on elevating the plant-based diet and its benefit to human health, the planet, and animals. With over 1 million followers on IG alone, their award-winning news team, along with health and climate experts, bring together unique stories, news, and features that speak truth to power. PBN’s content helps to make the shift to a sustainable diet and lifestyle informed and easy.

Complement is an eco-friendly brand producing products to optimize the plant-based lifestyle with a mission to help the world thrive on plants. Everything from essential nutrients, whole food snacks, the cleanest plant protein powder on the market, greens powder and electrolytes, all in eco-friendly packaging, with each purchase planting trees and offsetting carbon emissions.

No Meat Athlete is a digital stratosphere (blog, podcasts, social media) of a thriving plant-based and plant-curious community founded by Matt Frazier over a decade ago. Humble beginnings as a blog turned into a top listened podcast and a community of over 10,000 podcast downloads per month, 175,000 pageviews to the site, and 73,200 followers on Instagram.

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