Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Questions

Do you take my insurance?

At the moment we are contracted with Blue Shield (PPO), United (PPO), Aetna (PPO), and Medicare. Even though we may not be in-network with your specific insurance you may still have out of network benefits that will cover your visit. Simply fill out our online registration form and upload your insurance card to our portal and our team will verify if your insurance benefits will cover the cost of your visit.

Do you accept Medicare insurance?

Yes. (Medicare only covers visits for diabetes, but not pre-diabetes, or chronic kidney disease).

Can I use my FSA (flex spending account) or HSA (health savings account)?

Yes. IOPBM is FSA/HSA eligible which can cover medically necessary services including medical visits, supplements, labs, and medications.

If I live outside of California will you accept my insurance?

Some PPO insurance plans are unique in that even if you live outside of California they will still cover your visit. Simply fill out our online registration form and upload your insurance card to our portal and our team will verify if your insurance benefits will cover the cost of your visit. Our team can try to bill most major PPO insurances that we are in-netwrork with.

What if I have Cigna?

We are not in-network with Cigna, so you will have to pay for the visit at the time of the service. We are still able to give you a Superbill which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Yay! Reimbursement is based on your policy’s standards. Please call your insurance company’s member services number to verify how reimbursement works under your current insurance policy. Please note if you have an insurance which considers Dahlia as out-of-network, she cannot submit directly on your behalf – she can only supply you with the appropriate paperwork (Superbill). Therefore, payment is due at the time for service.

Do you accept Medi-Cal insurance?

We do not accept Medi-Cal insurance. If we did the visits would be extremely short and there would be no way for us to make meaningful progress and practice our root-cause approaches.

What is your NPI Number?

Dahlia Marin NPI #: 1639594567 Victoria Shemer NPI #: 1902404155 Karina Nava NPI #: 1184247561 Joseph Bartolone NPI #: 1760039283 Practice NPI #: 1770958845

General Health Questions

Do you prescribe medications?

We are Registered Dietitians, so we are unable to prescribe medication. Medications would need to be obtained by a licensed primary care provider or specialist.

Do you suggest everyone take certain supplements?

We recommend supplements when warranted on an individualized basis.

Do you recommend probiotics?

The routine use of a probioticsupplement is not always recommended. Please check with a knowledgable provider in the area of porbiotics to see if taking a probiotic supplement is recommended for you.

What does “Plant-Based” mean?

Plant-based means that a majority of your diet is made up of plants. This can be 51% or 99%.

What is a Registered Dietitian?

Here is a great article explaining the qualifications of a Registered Dietitian and how we are different from a nutritionist.

What can a registered dietitian offer me that my physician cannot?

Dietitians work alongside physicians and care teams to ensure a multidisciplinary comprehensive care. They have extensive education and training in medical nutrition therapy. They have a keen understanding of the psychology of eating, specific nutrients, and nutrition for various diseases. They are the authority on nutrition counseling who go in depth with recommendations and specifics of nutrition therapy.

What is the difference between a registered dietitian nutritionist and a nutritionist?  How about a personal trainer who offers nutrition advice?

Registered dietitian nutritionists have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nutrition science or human nutrition and food science. They are licensed or certified and required to stay up-to-date on the latest research in nutrition science in order to maintain their licenses. They are held to high standards by the Commission of Dietetic Registration. They study anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and reactions between medications, food, and supplements. Nutritionists and personal trainers may have very little-to-no formal education in those areas.

How often should I see my registered dietitian nutritionist?

The frequency at which you see your dietitian depends on your specific needs. Some patients follow up every 1-3 months, while others may follow up every 1-3 weeks. Your registered dietitian nutritionist is here for you as frequently or infrequently as you need them and will support you accordingly!

Should I still work with my physician or care team if I’m seeing a registered dietitian nutritionist?

Absolutely! While a dietitian can serve as a valuable part of your care team, they are not meant to replace your physician or other care team members. A registered dietitian will work alongside your other providers to communicate pertinent nutrition information and help facilitate your greatest health success!

Patient Care

How do I upload images and documents to you?

You are welcome to email documents to our HIPAA secure email. Email: After you register you can login into your Married to Health patient portal. Patietn Portal: Click ‘Labs and Documents’> ‘Upload New Document’“

In which time zone are appointments scheduled?

All appointments are scheduled in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Why do I need to register for the portal?

Our patient portal ensures all visit notes, documents, and communications are encrypted and HIPAA secure. Your privacy and information are of the utmost importance to us.

Why do you need my credit card?

We ask for your credit card to help us facilitate our no show/late cancellation policy. We do not charge your card on file without your permission.

How does a virtual visit work?

Our telehealth system is even easier than Zoom. You do not have to download an app, software, or any 3rd party platform. We send you a link with your appointment reminder and when you click that link you will be in our virtual waiting room. Stay clicked on this link and your provider will be on the screen shortly.

What if I have questions in between visits?

We welcome a couple of questions in between visits. If you find yourself having many questions, we recommend to write them down and make a follow up appointment. You can also join our subscription group for even more support in between visits.

How do I cancel or reschedule?

With your saved portal login you can access your patient portal dashboard. Click “My Appointments”> Click the “Cancel” button next to your upcoming appointment> You can then schedule a new appointment that better fits your needs. Keep in mind visits that are cancelled with less than 1 business days notice are subject to a full charge of the visit value.

Do you see patients outside of the US?

Yes, we can make virtual visits all over the world.

How does a kitchen makeover work?

You would select the “Kitchen Makeover” appointment type in the patient portal. Once the appointment is made you will receive a link to join the virtual visit at the time and date you selected. Be sure to use a tablet or mobile device to ensure you can move around your space freely while speaking to one of our experts.

How does a grocery store tour work?

Once this option is selected on our staff will reach out and verify the location of the grocery store tour. One of our experts will meet you at the location agreed upon and conduct the session.

Do you offer any exploratory visits?

At the moment, due to extreme demand we do not offer 15-20 min exploratory calls, however you are welcome to have balanced messaging through your patient portal with anyone from our staff including our Registered Dietitians. Click here to register (at no cost) for our patient portal.

What is the best browser to use for virtual visits?

Our system providers recommend using Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox for the very best results.

Will you order labs for me?

If you have insurance and want to use your benefits to order labs we can recommends labs to be ordered by your primary doctor or specialist which will typically be covered by your insurance. If you do not have insurance or for some reason cannot order the labs through insurance we can order them for you.

Will you order specialty testing for me?

Yes, we can order various types of specialty testing. For example, breath testing, OAT, environmental toxin screenings, and full nutritional biomarker testing, to name a few.

What to Expect

Do I have to see a provider for multiple visits or can I do a one time visit?

One-time visits are an option, however most positive health outcomes are likely achieved over multiple visits or through a subscription.

How long are your visits?

The duration of the visit depends on the needs of the patient and the complexity of their medical condition. It is up to the patient to select the visit and amount of time that best fits their needs. Our initial visits are 75 minutes and a follow up can be 45 or 60 minutes.

Can I see you in-person/where are you located?

We are located in Orange County California. At the moment our only in-person visits would be a guided grocery store tour or kitchen makeover. We will also be having some in-person meetups and retreats, so make sure you are subscribed to our email list so you are up to date on the latest.

What are your virtual office hours?

Each provider has their individual office hours, however, our office staff are available 9am-5pm PST Monday through Friday. Many questions can be answered by checking on our website first.

What can I expect from a typical visit?

A typical visit includes getting to know various and important aspects of you so we can best meet you where you are in your progress and formulate an action plan. We look at basic aspects of your health and then go above and beyond to look at places other providers have missed.

What can I expect from the GOOD GUT Membership?

The Good Gut membership was made for those who need more support inbetween visits. You get access to unlimited messages with your Dietitian, specialty testing, nutrition tracking software, exclusive research and articles, special discounts, and access to the SIBO/IBS support group which includes: live Q&As, real time answers to your questions by professionals, videos, handouts and more all at your fingertips anytime you need it.

How much is the GOOD GUT Membership?

$9.99 per month.

How do I sign up for the GOOD GUT Membership?

Once you are registered to our patient portal and have an appointment with Dahlia Marin, RDN, LD you can join the Good Gut Membership. You will find the membership form in the "Questionnaires" section of your patient portal.

How do I cancel my GOOD GUT Membership?

You can cancel anytime by sending an email or portal message to our team.

Can I speak with the Dietitian I want to work with before the visit to ensure they are a good fit?

The wonderful thing about our patient portal is that when you register you can personally and securely message anyone on our staff including our Registered Dietitians. You are welcome to ask them some questions before your visit, however we do keep a healthy balance of communication before a visit.

What if I go over my alotted time?

We have the utmost respect for your time and our Registered Dietitian's time. We are typically ok with a patient going over time by 5 minutes, anything over that is subject to the discretion of our dieititans and our policies. Typically, every additional 15 minutes is charged $37.50. Patients going over the time alloted are subject to these additional charges.