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Improve your gut health with our Good Gut A-Z guide

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Good Gut A-Z E-book [Free Preview]

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Good Gut A-Z E-book

100+ good gut recipes! Learn more



Good Gut Holiday E-book

Make the best good gut foods with our holiday recipes

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The Gut Health Blueprint E-book

Use these recipes to optimize your gut microbiome

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Good Gut Shopping Guide E-book

Learn about the products we recommend to our patients


Breast Cancer Guide

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Breast Cancer Treatment Workbook

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Healthy Merch for Healthy Lifestyle

Women’s Heal Crop Top

This crop top is made of 100% combed cotton, which makes the shirt extremely soft and more durable than regular cotton shirts.

Stainless Heal Tumbler

Enjoy hot or cold drinks on the go with this stylish stainless steel tumbler! 

Organic Heal Hat

A classic dad hat never goes out of style—especially one that’s made of 100% organic cotton. 

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Married to Health Gift Card

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Abillion provides the quickest way to find vegan food and products from nearby stores and restaurants. Now you can discover any vegan foods and places all in one place. Use code MARRIEDTOHEALTH when you sign up for free and follow us to see our favorite places to eat all around the world.


Tired of taking tons of supplement pills? Try out Complement, the world's first vegan complements designed to deliver only what's missing from your plant-based diet and nothing extra.

Garden Tower Project

Want to improve your gardening experience? Garden Tower can easily maintain your plant health with its steady moisture and temperature. It can recycle organic kitchen scraps and turn them into healthy soil that grows your organic food.

Sei Mee Tea

SEI MEE TEA® supplies you with many beautiful teas including Japanese organic Sencha tea powder, "Edible Green®", both regular and water-process-decaf, which are healthier substitutes to matcha as they are significantly lower in Caffeine (regular) or offer little Caffeine (decaf) while providing even more green tea antioxidants.


We didn't really think we needed an air purifier in our home. Looking at the data on indoor air quality we decided to give it a try! After almost 2 years using the AirDoctor in our home and office it has been a game changer!

Force of Nature

Want to use cleaning products that consist of no dangerous chemicals? Try Force of Nature, it is a safe cleaning appliance that can turn salt, vinegar, and water into a multi-purpose cleaner. It is more powerful and safer than cleaners that consist of bleach and alcohol.


Other supplements can contain toxic chemicals and unnecessary ingredients, but not Leefy! Leefy uses all-natural and organic ingredients in its supplements including turmeric, ginger, and more that have many health benefits. Just a few drops, and you will experience the power of turmeric! Promo Code: MarriedtoHealth


Skout’s plant-based snack bars are not only delicious but also healthy due to no gluten, dairy, soy, or grain are being used in the ingredients. These plant-based bars are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as low on the glycemic index and refined sugars. Kids and adults can enjoy these snack bars and maintain their health.


We have been using the AquaTru water filter for almost 2 years and we couldn't be happier with the quality, taste, and ease to upkeep the system.


We believe in a foundation of high quality food, but we are also well aware of the support and therapeutic effects high quality supplements can provide. Check out the supplements we recommend!

Louise Stuhrling

Louise Sturhling brings high-quality cookware and kitchen appliances as well as eco-friendly organic products to the market. Their cookware and appliances consist of advanced safety features.


You can reuse Stasher bags 50+ times! The reusable silicone bag of Stasher helps the environment and lowers the plastic pollution that affects sea life as it replaces regular plastic bags.

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