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Good Gut Membership

Support No Matter Where you are or Who is in your Care Team

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Learn how to become a member

How to Join

Follow the Steps Below to become a Good Gut Member


Register for a profile in the Married to Health practice portal here


Once registered, login to your Married to Health portal.


On your homepage, click “Questionnaires” 

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Then click the “Good Gut-Membership Agreement"


Review and fill out the agreement.

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Sign, then click “Submit”

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What is Included in your Membership

Live Check-Ins
Unlimited Secure Messaging
Specialty Testing
Dietary Analysis Software
Discounts on E-Commerce and Many Other Special Offers
Access to our Interactive Private SIBO/IBS Group
No Long-Term Commitment

Our members get peace of mind and much more


How We Can Help


1 on 1 visit with a SIBO/IBS dietetic specialist. 


Access to our “Good Gut: SIBO/IBS” support group.


The support you need to make lasting changes for your gut health. 

Live Q&A’s

24/7 support

Special discounts

SIBO/IBS resources found nowhere else

The support you need to make lasting changes for your gut health

Not Ready for a Membership?

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