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The “Good Gut: SIBO/IBS Program” is here!

Your ultimate program to help you get control of your IBS, SIBO, Candida, Histamine Intolerance, and Gut Issues!

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The “Good Gut: SIBO/IBS Program” by Married to Health is the first 100% plant-based program for those that have SIBO, IBS, or are unsure what their gut symptoms mean.

Over 12 weeks at your pace, you will learn the techniques to end your SIBO/IBS, optimize your microbiome and reverse dysbiosis so you can finally:

Stop living with debilitating symptoms
Stop fearing foods and feeling stressed during meals
Add a diversity of plant food to your lifestyle
Explore root causes of your SIBO/IBS
Properly digest and absorb nutrients from food
Heal With Each Meal 

“IMPORTANT: This is not a quick fix and it will require effort and hard work. Those that do not just want a quick fix please proceed.”

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Dahlia went from hurting with IBS to healthy and healing.

It wasn’t long ago that I would tell my husband my stomach hurt after every meal…

My outfits and schedule used to revolve around whether I thought my gut would hurt that day or not.

It feels like it was not that long ago when my stomach was always bloated and in pain after almost everything I ate, some weeks of constipation, and others of diarrhea, out of control thyroid disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Prediabetes, and being 50 pounds overweight. When I started tackling root causes, my PCOS went into remission, my pre diabetes disappeared, my energy returned, I lost 50 pounds, even my allergies were gone, and I was finally able to manage my IBS. Having gut symptoms became rare, rather than pain and gut discomfort being my norm.

I put the decade of being a dietitian, the research I use with my patients daily, and the path I took to heal my IBS into this program.


A Proven Program for IBS, SIBO, and Beyond!

I have never experienced a more knowledgeable and caring health care team than Married to Health. Even though I am seeking them out for nutrition consulting, their care and concern for me is truly holistic and encompasses every area of my life. They see that it’s so much more than just food that affects health and they help me connect dots and make changes that help me progress and heal. I am so grateful for their expertise but also for their love and compassion. Dahlia is a delight to work with. She is truly a sibo expert and it has been such an honor and pleasure to work with her. I can’t say enough to do her justice.

Betty D.

I don't even know where to begin! Dahlia gave me my life back. I had dealt with SIBO for what I suspect a very long time, seeing practitioner after practitioner with no one truly taking the time to listen. Dahlia not only took the time to listen and dive into my history of what may be occurring with me, she is also extremely caring and easy to talk to. She is so knowledgable in all things gut health, but truly when it comes to SIBO she is an expert. Dahlia also takes an individualized approach to each of her patients which I was so grateful for, and after our first visit together I knew I was in good hands. I am so happy I decided to work with her, thank you Dahlia for everything you have done for me!

If you are struggling with your gut health and don't know where to turn, you absolutely have to go see Dahlia at Married To Health.

Stephanie Peacock

Literally life changing! I would highly recommend these services for any and all gut issues!

Desiree M.

Dahlia and James are wonderful. I love their commitment to a non toxic plant based lifestyle. They are part of how I untangled my health issues—James, thank you for telling us to test our water on one of your Facebook lives, because it eventually led me to test our air, which led to our root cause discovery of toxic mold. Dahlia—you have so much empathy and kindness for our Good Gut group and you were the one who caught my Vitamin D deficiency when no one else did! Thank you <3

Dahlia is amazing! She helps you find the root cause to your problems. Finally feeling bloat and cramp free after months and months of doctors visits! IBS is no fun but having someone who truly cares like Dahlia has been such a blessing to me. I could thank her a million times for all she’s done for me and it still wouldn’t be enough. I finally feel like I can live my life again.

Gabs “Gabs”

Outstanding practice. Exceptional customer service from the office reps to the dietician. Dahlia is an absolute gem.  I loved being her patient.  I felt like a friend more than a patient.  She helped me with my SIBO diagnosis.  I went on all natural supplements that got me feeling 100%.  She continued to help me through out my pregnancy as well. As most pregnant women know, stomach issues are heightened during pregnancy and the diet plan that Dahlia provided made a huge difference!  She not only helped me with supplements and my diagnosis but she also provided meal ideas, ingredients, maps of food that help and hurt me.  She is the best!  Thank you Dahlia and team!  If your looking for answers and would like the natural route - this is the practice you need!

Noor E.

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Program Curriculum

Integrative methods to you re-tolerate plant foods to improve your relationship with nutrition and your gut


Understand your ‘Why’ in this Program

We will help you determine if this program is right for you, understand your symptoms, and ensure you are taking the best next steps whether it is with us or someone else.


Rest and Relief

Food can be extremely healing, but for many foods can also be a massive symptom trigger. We will guide you in introducing and consuming foods that are scientifically proven to help your gut microbiome, especially if you are suffering with SIBO/IBS.



Yet another special food is introduced in a way that is beneficial to the gut microbiome while we focus on stress, trauma, and mindfulness with special guest speakers and more.



We are guiding you on the best ways to repopulate and who (which microbes) to put back into your gut, all while educating on probiotics, antibiotics, and variables that can arise for those with SIBO/IBS.



Some of you may need to go back to the nutritional basics in order to reduce the inflammation in your GI tract and let a new process take hold. We will walk you through this step by step as it is not one size fits all.



We begin to ramp up your variety in a very specific way, empowering you with knowledge about your fiber, hydration, healthy bowel movements and much more, all while taking into account your symptoms and sensitivities.



What you need to know about grains, GI testing, and causes of chronic GI issues that not many (including your doctor) are not aware of.



We conclude with ensuring your main trigger foods are successfully introduced and educate on our methods in doing this successfully and sustainably for thousands of our patients.

Program Curriculum

What is Included when you purchase the Program


Regular Price: $519.99

12 weeks and 7 Phases of Customized Recipes

Go at your Own Pace with Lifetime Access Opt-In

Continuous Support from Dahlia and James

Exclusive Videos, LIVE Check-Ins, and Guest Speakers

Best Deal

One payment of $155.99

Continued Access

$9.99/ Month

This Program May NOT be for You If

You have an active eating disorder that is not being taken care of by a dietitian specializing in eating disorders.

We recommend working with our dietitian who specializes in eating disorders for 1 on 1 support and then assessing if the program is right for you.


Some Common Questions

A Decade worth of Answers for Common Questions

Haven’t been diagnosed but have chronic GI symptoms?

Designed and led by Integrative Registered Dietitian, Dahlia Marin, RDN, LD, CGN who has over a decade of experience treating THOUSANDS of patients in her private practice.

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