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Holistic Health Bundle

Resources to make achieving your Good Gut lifestyle that much easier in 2023!

Happy New Year Good Gut Gang! We want you and your family, friends, and community to thrive in optimal gut health.

We are kicking off 2023 with a collaboration in the Holistic Health Bundle special sale! From January 1st to 10th (2023), the Holistic Health Bundle can be purchased at the discounted price of $50–a 99% discount as all contents total to over $6,000. The sale ends on January 10th at 11:59PM EST (9:59PM PST) and all these resources go back to their regular price. This deal also includes our Good Gut A-Z Guide. Don’t miss out on this amazing limited time offer!

What’s in the Bundle?

This bundle contains over 100 ebooks, guides, courses, programs and memberships–a large collection of wonderful resources to support your #GoodGut lifestyle. These include:


1) Medicinal Herb” Guide for Beginners by Tania The Herbalist

2) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by Dr. Lily Choi Natural Healing

3) Beating Lyme Diseases by Grace Walk Farm

4) Good Gut A-Z Married to Health

5) Healing Your Inner Child Guidebook by Holistically Rooted

6) Ultimate Juice Recipes by Jonny Juicer

7) The Winter Tea eBook by Beauty Herbs & Tea

8) Homeopathy for the Home Prescriber by Melissa Kupsch

9) Eat the Trees by Brian Vaszily

10) Lifestyle Overhaul Guide by Jordan Lee Dooley

11) Detox Recipes by Julie with Joy + ENVOL Bonus Code

12) Your Guide to a Low-Tox Home by Wild and Well Blog

13) Address to Progress, Amend to Ascend by Benevolent Blizz

14) Natural Dyes For Well-Being by Rebecca Desnos

15) Botanical Anthology Winter Edition by Flora’s Feast

16) Walking in Wellness: A 5-Step Guide to Nontoxic Living on Any Budget by Dr. Courtney Kahla

17) Elderberry: From Bush to Syrup by Leaf and Learn

18) Intuitive Eating: A Gentle Guide by Plantiful Soul

19) Do I HAve Adrenal Fatigue? by Dr. Brad Campbell

20) Sustainable Living by Jon and Helena

21) Female Hormone Syncing by Meghan Joy Yancy

22) Level Up: A Guide to Cleansing the Mind, Body and Soul by Benevolent Blizz

23) Out of This World Hair Growth: Autoimmune Disease Defeated by Jalen Holmes

24) Pharmaceutical Free Children: Autism, ADHD, Food Allergies and Asthma by The Warrior Center - Jodie Meschuk

25) Heavy Metal Detox by The Warrior Center - Jodie Meschuk

26) The Healing Magic of Yarrow by Yurt Farm Mama

27) Holistic Pregnancy Guide by Root Girl Herbals

28) Frequency, BioHacking, & Nature Connection by Rewild Carly Rose

29) Steams and SOaks and Blends by Rewild Carly Rose and Oak *+& Ica

30) Guide to Finding A Holistic Practitioner by Dr. Meghan Birt

31) Journal to Self by Blue Ollis

32) Returning to The Wild by SimplHolistic

33) Herbal Body Oiling by Mythic Medicine

34) The Toxin-Free Toolkit by Living Simply Pure

35) Thyroid Health Simplified by Sara Hainsworth

36) Mother Shares: Tooth Decay by Leah Hughes, Yoni Rivers & Cayenne Lane

37) Juicing for Vitality by Pure Vegan Food

38) The Mold Medic: An Expert’s Guide on Mold Removal by Michael Rubino

39) Antioxidant Meal Plan by Dr. Kasey Holland

40) 4 Weeks to Healthier Thyroid: Thyroid Reboot by Dr. Jen Pfleghaar

41) In Tune- Healthy Hormones by Well Folk Revival

42) Mother’s Wellness Quick Guide by Well Folk Revival

43) How to Start a Holistic Lifestyle by Energy Flow Within

44) Naturopathic First Aid 101 by Dr. Nichole Morris

45) Nourishing Generations by Holistic Homestead Wellness

46) Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith

47) Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith

48) Human Optimized Lighting Guide Fall 2022 & Off Grid EMF Tips by Brian Hoyer Shielded Healing

49) Herbal Indulgences by Sacred Wildness

50) A Wild Woman’s Guide to Immediate Postpartum by Wild Woman Mothering

51) Chakra Balancing Guide by Adriana in Flow

52) Healing the Unconscious: Mold Edition by J Muenz

53) The Breath by Allie Lovegood

54) Nourishing Slow Cooker Recipes for Meal Prep by Anywhere Nutrition

55) Fundamental Healing Steps by Eleneda Bila

56) The Light Diet Course by The Light Diet

57) Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism Course by Sacred Wildness

58) Homemade Remedies for Winter by The Modern Day Homestead

59) The Ultimate Chest Freezer Cold Plunge DIY Guide by John Richter

60) Gold Exposure Guide by Martin Petrus

61) 20 Natural Remedies for Inflammation by The Sacred Science

62) How to Be a Well-F**cked Couple by Kim Anami

63) Red Light Therapy by Busy Homebodies

64) Metabolism Makeover Book by Within Nutrition


65) Herbal Medicine Making Handbook by Arielle de Maritinez

66) Perfect Thyroid: A Holistic Guide to Thyroid Health by The Wellness Academy

67) Refresh Your Sleep by Coaching for Insomniacs

68) The Self Love Bundle by Autumn Brianne

69) Pediatric Holistic Health by Dr. Joal Gator Warsh

70) Powered Up Detox Lifestyle Training by David Avocado Wolfe

71) Habit Mastery Video Presentations By Found Consciousness

72) The Drainage Formula by Dr.. Seth Gerlach

73) Parasites and Susceptibility by Hoglund Homeopathy & The Holistic Mother

74) Your Mindset Matters by Sunshine Family Adventures

75) The Breathe Easy Masterclass by Dr. Vincent Esposito

76) Generate Yourself Mini Masterclass by GreenMedInfo

77) Water: A Dip Beneath The Surface by Raven’s Moon Holistic Wellness

78) Ceremonial Weaning Mini-Course by Wild Woman Mothering

79) Mind/Body Makeover Webinar

80) Healing the Many TYpes of Headaches by Dr. Elderberry

81) Understanding Healthy Blood Sugar Balance by Dr. Meghan Birt

82) Herbal Cooking Class by Karly Ketron of Karminative Kollective

83) Full Moon Kit by Dr. Jaban Moore

84) Bioenergetic Body Wellness Scan by Energy Flow Within

85) The Heavy Metals Mastercourse by Dr. Steph Young

86) The Alchemist Starter System by Tania The Herbalist

87) Zero Waste Body Care & Cosmetics by Permacrafters

88) Essential Living with Oils by Feed Me Health

89) Oxidative Stress by Dr. Kasey Holland

90) Biohack Your Beauty Masterclass by Dora Vandekamp

91) The Superfood Garden Summit: Best of Collection by Grow Your Own Vegetables

92) The Detachment Meditation by Lars Rain Gustafsson

93) You CAN Heal by Holisti_Klee

94) 2021 Food Revolution Summit by Food Revolution network

95) The 7 Phases of Detoxification by Connors Clinic

96) Eat4Earth Summit Access by Eat4Earth

97) Integrative Pediatrics Wellness Kit by Dr. Joel Gator Warsh & Rob Herring

98) EMF Home Safety Master Class by Luke Storey

99) Solutions to 5G by Josh Del Sol

100) Optimize Your Health by Bethany Hamilton

101) Live Intentional: Be Present by Bethany Hamilton

102) Overcome Your Obstacles by Bethany Hamilton

103) Getting Started with Herbal Medicine Workshop by Jordan Lee Dooley

104) Gut Health Intensive Workshop by Sexy Food Therapy

105) Birth: The Seed of Life by The Stoned Chrysalis

106) Deep Nervous System Care by Jessica Alix Hesser

107) Makeover Your Metabolism by Within Nutrition

108) Connect with your Heart: Online Cacao & Breathwork Ceremony by Explore with Casey

Once you buy the bundle, you will get a confirmation email with an access code and a link to an access page where you can download and access everything. The ebooks can be downloaded to desktop, tablet and mobile, and once downloaded you will have them for life!

The courses in the bundle are accessible online and some have a login page where you enter your details and log in to access. Others are accessible with the access code given in the confirmation email. Sometimes this access code is also needed to be applied at checkout to get 100% off.

We know that proper gut health is a multifaceted approach that encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels of health. This bundle has no shortage of resources in each category.

The sale will only be until Tuesday, January 10th 11:59PM EST (in just a few days)! Click here to access your discounted Holistic Health Bundle now!

Heal with Each Meal!

Our Good Gut Shopping Guide is still available!

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