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Good Gut Holiday Recipes 2021

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We have been experimenting with holiday recipes for a long time, and over the years we have refined them to be healthier and tastier for you and your gut bugs! Yes you read that correctly, healthy holiday recipes that are tasty to you and the microbial friends inside of you!

We believe that holiday foods can be fun, heartwarming, comforting, delicious and healthy. We truly believe in our tagline

"Heal with Each Meal", because research has shown that with each meal you consume, you can alter your gut microbiota. Holidays do not have to be an exception.

These recipes are all whole food plant-based meaning not only are they vegan (no animal products), but they also do not contain any:

  • Refined Sugar

  • Refined Oil

  • Gluten

  • GMOs

  • Artificial Coloring

  • Artificial Flavors

  • Gums

  • Fillers

  • Pesticide Residues (if organic)

We are not only Integrative Registered Dietitians who work with patients on a daily basis to reverse and prevent disease, we are a family who lives a busy and fun life. Foods that heal can be eaten every day and every holiday in a tasty and easy way. We hope these recipes bring you and those you love most health, happiness, and vitality to thrive.

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