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Community is Essential for Gut-Health and Beyond!

Humans (and all life), even at the microbial level, are made from the basis of community. We are not just an individual, but a superorganism, trillions of microbes working together to form complex tasks, chemical reactions, and provide countless essential nutrients to the body. This is no different at the macro-human level. No one person or entity can accomplish big goals without a group of people willing to help make things happen, share their diversity, and give their unique skills.

We have been so fortunate, blessed, and gifted with talented students, interns, and contractors who go above and beyond, who exude passion, and have a heart of wanting a brighter and healthier future. It with this common goal that Married to Health is what it is today. It is because of these passionate people that we get to:

  • Have a thriving private practice.

  • Help patients 1 on 1 every day.

  • Have an amazing team of Registered Dietitians.

  • Get to work with such cool companies.

  • Be a brand that teaches our community.

Meet Some Amazing Members of our Team

Alyssa Koba (@Holistic.aly)

Executive Assistant

Alyssa Koba is a fourth year student at the University of California Irvine, studying Human Biology and Public Health Policy. At UC Irvine, she serves as a Learning Assistant for Upper Division Biology courses and is also a student in the Certificate Program in College Wellness and Health Promotion. Alyssa is planning to graduate from UC Irvine this June. After graduation, she would like to attend a Coordinated Program in dietetics and obtain a Masters Degree, then pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian. Eventually, she would like to also obtain a PhD in Public Health and teach at the University level while inspiring individuals to focus on preventative medicine.

Christina Arundale (@Christina_Marie_Arundale)


I am currently an online dietetic student at Kansas State University, located in Iowa. Some of my interests within the field of dietetics include eating disorders, diabetes, plant-based nutrition and sports nutrition. More than just fuel for our bodies, I see food as a creative outlet, a form of connection, and a means of comfort. Aside from being a nutrition junkie, I am an avid dog walker, a devoted cat mom, an amateur yogi and chef, and a coffee fanatic! In the summer you can find me outside all day long, either in my garden or out on the bike trail.

I am finishing up my Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics, and from there I plan to complete my Masters. I hope to have a private practice of my own, where I counsel patients on gentle nutrition and promote eating in a way that serves not only their physical health, but also their mental wellbeing. In addition to in-person counseling, I would like to have an online presence where I can reach people on a much broader scale and offer services to individuals who otherwise might not have access to reliable nutrition counseling.

Emily Eng


I’m Emily, a recent graduate from UCI with a B.S in Public Health Science and a minor in Health Informatics. Most recently, I am interning at Married to Health where I improved the company’s online presence through my redesign of their website. I am passionate about helping others whether through UX designing and improving the interaction and experiences between humans and computers or just as simple as tutoring students on the side. As for my future career goals, I am hoping to build on these past experiences in a career in UX where I can continue helping businesses grow. Aside from work, I love music, photography, or just taking a nice hike to relax.

Kaylee Torrez

Dietetic Intern

Kaylee enjoys cooking plant-based and trying out new recipes. She loves the outdoors and doing outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and skiing! Kaylee is a dietetic intern for Nutrition Ink class of 2021. She did her undergrad in Food and Nutrition with an emphasis in Dietetics at Cal Poly Pomona. Before she became an dietetic intern, she worked as a dietetic technician at an outpatient facility for eating disorder treatment. Once she becomes a RDN, she wants to go join a private practice or work in the eating disorder treatment setting.

Tiffany Vo (@ThisLettuceHead)

Intern Coordinator

Tiffany started her career in outpatient-care as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant serving in Orange County, CA area. She has worked with mixed populations with a wide range of disorders from speech and language delay, stuttering or hearing impairment, ASD to ED, ODD to TBI to name a few. She had spent most of this time specializing in early intervention with children from early childhood to teen and adults alongside many allied health professions in co-treatment, collaboration and synergy.

Tiffany had experienced health complications that led her to make major lifestyle changes for the better. She is now 4-years plant-based, free of IBS symptoms, and more enthusiastic about sharing the great resources she’s collected and applied along her journey. With an urge to impact more lives with this information, Tiffany has gone back to school to complete her Masters in Public Health (MPH) with a focus on health education and promotions from Loma Linda University. Her mission is to provide health education, advocacy, and resources to individuals, communities, and entities with a purpose, to be well and live in good health. (3 John 2:1)

Thank you Mother's Market for gifting each team member with a beautiful thank you bag with Mother's swag, snacks, eco friendly products and a $50 gift card!

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