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Initial Consultation

Ideal for those looking to explore nutrition related issues and/or prevent the worsening of their symptoms.

Personal Desk

We use our deep understanding of nutrition and gut health to approach each visit with a root cause (Integrative) focus. We do not just mask symptoms, we help you understand how you might use nutrition to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Our in-depth approach requires enough time to really understand your health story. This is why our initial visits are 90 minutes. We truly want to know you and help you succeed!

Service Breakdown

Price: $255 (90 min) out of pocket (Insurance benefits may be applied)


90 minute Visit

In Depth Lifestyle Analysis

In Depth Nutrition Analysis


Tailored Action Plan

Supplement Analysis

Lab/Testing Roadmap

Once registered for the Married to Health patient portal you can select ‘My Appointments’ and schedule the visit you like.

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