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Good Gut A-Z Guide

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Hi everyone, we are Dahlia Marin, RDN, LD, and James Marin, RD, EN, Registered Dietitians who believe gut health is the nexus of all human health, we are the co-founders of a medical nutrition therapy practice called Married to Health, and authors of our latest resource the “Good Gut A-Z Guide”!

We Want You and Your Family to Have a Good Gut!

Your digital or printable guide to incorporating new and gut restoring foods for you and your family. Growing up we did not always eat foods that were conducive to proper gut health. Highly refined sugars, low quality animal products, and processed fats were regular staples in our diets. Once we learned about the foods and habits that could repair our gut lining and facilitate our microbiome, we were never the same again.

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There are many reasons why we all do not try new and healthy foods:

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Not knowing about the food

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Not knowing how to cook them

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Not knowing why you should eat them

It is our hope that this resource will help to decrease the likelihood that one of these reasons stops you from having a good gut and finding your own path to a new you.

What You Will Find in the E-book


Learn about multiple foods from each letter of the alphabet.

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Get recipes for each of these foods.

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Learn about these foods and how they are good for your gut.


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Invest in Your Gut Health

With innovation being one of our core values we wanted to give you a chance to not just invest in knowledge for your health, but invest in a piece of our history as educators, health professionals, and authors.


In celebration of our first e-book we are offering the first ever health-based collectible from Married to Health, our “Good Gut A-Z NFT”. Collect them all and be a part of our mission of helping everyone Heal with Each Meal!

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Own our very first digital health-based collectible as we launch our very first e-book and NFT.

Patient Perspectives

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Dahlia is truly a gem to work with. She is so pleasant , way knowledgeable and kind. She asks about more than just meal planning- for me we talked about my auto immune issues (she knew to test for things my endocrinologist missed) and sleep and whole body approach. I feel very fortunate to work with Dahlia and with her in my corner I see some positive long term changes. Five stars all day long!

- Elina

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James has been so amazing to work with. Do not hesitate. I’ve had gut issues since I was pretty much born, and 32 years later I’m learning they were mostly food induced and James has helped guide me through the process. I’m finally healing myself with plants! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but compassionate to your specific emotional situation. I love following their family on Instagram to see more tips as well.


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Dahlia Marin, the dietitian/nutritionist, is one of a kind! Very knowledgeable, very kind and so caring! I have never had a healthcare professional giving so much attention, listening, answering emails, providing guidance and information.

- Milena

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I am cancelling because of the wonderful help given to me by Dahlia !! I am feeling vastly improved, therefore, at this time, I would not be in need of further assistance. That is good news. Dahlia has been excellent and has provided so much information, an encyclopedia of information !!! I did not want to take Dahlia's time when someone else in greater need than I could use this appointment time.

- Mike W.

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Thanks to James and Dahlia I was able to reverse my Diverticulitis and lose 40 pounds!

- Guy

People and Families in Crisis

Now more than ever we want people of all ages and families of all types to learn the how and why of gut health. Simply put there is a large amount of information out there and that is wonderful! It can also be extremely anxiety inducing. We are here to help you curate all things gut health and beyond with our amazing team of integrative dietitians.


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