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Good Gut A-Z Guide

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Hi everyone! We are Dahlia Marin, RDN, LD, and James Marin, RD, EN, Registered Dietitians who believe gut health is the nexus of all human health. We are the co-founders of a Medical Nutrition Therapy practice called Married to Health, and authors of our latest resource the “Good Gut A-Z Guide”!

We Want to Help You and Your Family to Have a Good Gut!

We created this guide to incorporating new and gut-restoring foods with you and your fam in-mind! Growing up, we did not always eat foods that were conducive to proper gut health; highly refined sugars, low quality animal products, and processed fats were regular staples in our diets. Once we learned about foods and habits that could repair our gut lining and facilitate our microbiome, we were never the same again!

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There are many reasons why more people don't try new and healthy foods:

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Not knowing about the food

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Not knowing how to cook the food

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Not knowing the benefits of eating the food

It's our hope that this resource will help you overcome barriers to building and maintaining a Good Gut and finding ways to eat and tolerate a whole new world of nutrients!

What You Will Find in the Guide


Learn about multiple foods from each letter of the alphabet.

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Get recipes for each of these foods.

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Learn about these foods and how they are good for your gut!